Newbie Me!

I've decided to join the ranks of so many of my Cricut Sisters and do a blog.  Thanks to someone commenting on one of my projects and asking for my blog address earlier today LOL.

I have to spend some time getting to know blogger - I don't like the layout or template at all and years ago I had several of my own websites so I'm sure I'll figure it out.

My plans right off the bat are to document my Cartridge Challenge. I'm making the projects that are in the binders for every single cartridge I own.  I will be following Provo Craft's instructions to the letter when ever possible and post the results and comments as well as photos of the finished project.

Hope you come back soon!

Hugs - Tangee


  1. Great job on your website T !!!

  2. Hello Tangee and welcome to blogland. I am enjoying my new blog and know that you will enjoy it too. I still love your idea of the sample projects from each cartridge. I don't have alot of cartridges but think I want to try this idea with you. I am gonna become a follow so I can stay up-to-date on your progress. Please stop by my blog and take a look.



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