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Hey Krazies! Thought I ran away didn'tcha?

Happy Happy Summer my crafty friends!

As you know, we were blessed with our very first grandbaby in March and after 7 weeks in Pediatric Intensive Care she was able to come home.  She is now a chubby happy baby and 4.5 months old!  SO excited. Krystina took her to the beach last week to help celebrate her Mom Mom Deb's birthday and the baby LOVED it.

On July 3, my youngest daughter and her fiance welcomed Julianna Marie into the world.  She was a whopping 8.2oz and Amanda is doing beautifully with being a new mom.  Of course it helps that Brandon is a great daddy.  They are getting married in September so as you can imagine, our hands are full.

My new thing is cooking. I have been doing A LOT of it.  I used to love it but since moving in to help my mom, I just can't get into it with her kitchenware.  So a few weeks ago Mr. Kricut went to storage and rooted around until he found my favorite kitchen items, my pampered chef and a lot of other kitchen goodies.  Now he's a hap…