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Huge update from Kricut Krazy

Warning:  Super Long!
Hello everyone!

I know it's been a while but I have plenty of valid excuses and a few excuses that are just....excuses.

Ragan Lyn update!
First off, many of you know my very first grand child was born in March.  When she was exactly 1 week old my daughter called 911 when she couldn't wake Ragan.  From that day on Ragan was in pediatric intensive care at Hopkins for 6 weeks.  So much of our time was spent running back and forth and trying to keep my daughter and her bf sane.  They are too young to deal with these stresses for sure.  But, Miracle of Miracles our lil beanie baby made it through (after 3 very bad scares) and is finally home safe and sound with her mama and daddy.  Right now Ragan has gone on her very first road trip for a holiday weekend in WV.  So thank you all for your thoughts and prayers - they were and are appreciated!

Julianna Marie is coming!
I was able to get a few crafty things done.  These are one of the 3 Party Favors I made for Amanda…