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Photo to Canvas and a ceramic tile

Hello Krazies!

 Here is a 4x4 ceramic tile from Home Depo (44 cents) and a photo of my grand-daughter and her two cousins (dad's side) that I made for Ragan's other grandmom.  I simply printed it out on Tissue Paper (regular tissue paper, cut down to 8.5x11) I use a glue stick to adhere the tissue paper to regular printer paper.  If you run it through on it's own the ink saturates it and creates a huge mess. Trust me on this one people.  Anyway, I then spread Modge Podge Matt onto the tile, carefully laid the tissue photo on top, smoothed it out and then spread modge podge on top of that. Let it dry overnight, then today put 4 little pads on the bottom so it won't scratch whatever it sits on.

I did the same instructions above for this 8x10 canvas.  You can't see but I just took ribbon and stapled it to the back so it can be hung.

This one is my attempt at being creative - it looks HORRIBLE (go ahead, admit it, I already know)  I attempted to tear the tissue edges a…

Color your own Ribbon Tutorial, Fun new way to store your Washi Tape and finally, a card box for mom!

Hey Krazies,

Here is a fun video to show you how to color your own ribbon using different methods.  Pro Markers, Stamp Pads, Sharpies, and various stamper markers.  I show you how using both Sheer & Satin Ribbon.

Also, a great way to store your Washi Tape that you can also pop right into your Crop bag when on the go.  All your Washi Tape in one very cute location.

Finally found a box for mom's cards - you can see it in this video! Please leave a comment, I'd love to know what you thought!

Hugs and Happiness!

Da Babies a car crash and some cards for mom

Happy Weekend everyone - I plan on crafting my lil bum off!  What are you up to?  I can't wait to next week when I get my CTMH cartridge - I'll be showing ya lots of fun stuff from there!

Some of you have asked about Ragan - thank you SO much - she is doing BEAUTIFULLY and is almost 6 months old!  Her cousin Julianna arrived on July 3rd and is also doing wonderful. Both my girls are now mommies!  That blows my mind!  Our son Matt gave us quite a scare last week. He moved back to Maryland a few weeks ago and while driving to see one of his sisters, he took an exit off the highway a little too fast and flipped his car a few times.  Thankfully he is ok minus 7 staples in his head, nasty bruises, bumps and muscle strains, etc.  he totaled his car but we really could care less about the car (obviously).

That's our wee lil Ragan (Jelly Bean) on the right!  Some of you remember when she was just 4 pounds and in a drug induced coma.  Now she is super happy and thriving!  On the le…

Kricut Krazy is back!

Hello everyone!

I've missed you all!  What a crazy summer it has been.  I just kept walking by my craft room and longing to sit down and do something fun.  I've dabbled in things over the summer but no real crafty fun day.  I've been cooking tons of stuff I find on pinterest (surprisingly most has been a huge hit!) I've tried my hand at washer jewelry - and failed (see photos below) but I'll keep trying.

I didn't realize my phone posted a video I took the other day until I started getting you tube comments and emails LOL So here ya go for those that haven't seen it:

Ok a coupla ya asked about the washer jewelry.  I wanted to make them for my daughters. Krystina's would have Ragan Lyn  on the large washer and 3/14/2013 on the small washer with a blue stone for March.  Amanda's would have Julianna Marie on the large washer and 7/3/2013 on the smaller one along with a red stone for July.  Sigh.  Why does everything look SO much better in my head than i…