May 31, lots of info here Campin Critters

Hey Krazies -

Yes, it's been super hectic round these parts.  As some of you may or may not know, my my has Parkinsons and has had a pretty rough week so I've been sidelined helping her. Not to mention my laptop is in a coma. That's a nice little expense I hadn't planned on along with hubby's truck breaking down. Oh when it rains it pours but we have our health so we are blessed.

Christie has also been up to her ears in work and school activities - she was able to sneak away for 1/2 a day to go kayaking on memorial day and is now dealing with sun burn HA

Ok so I owe you SEVEN projects for the month of May and then we will be complete - after the final project is posted the contest will begin. Please watch the video so you can see the exciting news regarding the contest and some cool buys I got at Walmart.

Campin Critters!


May 26, Stand & Salute

Hello Krazies!

In honor of Memorial Day we are going to revisit one of my first ever projects  Stand & Deliver.

First and foremost I would like to thank the men and women who protect and serve.  This would be our military  Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force & US Coast Guard.  Our Police forces, fire departments & medics nationwide & Abroad.  Our 911 operators, our behind the scenes folks and our true heros.

I personally would like to thank my Uncle Joe Miller - USAF, cousin John Foreste USAF, My ex husband of 20 years, Joe Taylor USCG, My nephews Justin Harris and Robert Crum USCG and Toby Bowden Jr USN.  My personal hero would be my very own husband Allen Wilson, USMC!  I also have many family and friends in the Fire Department & Police Department.  thank you all for your service to our country.

This is my favorite Project so far. From the Stand and Salute Cartridge comes a scrapbook page layout.  Everything worked beautifully except the ribbon. It came out MUCH larger than it should have been so I scaled it down.  Hubby is a former Marine, I'm going to put his dress photo in here.  Oh and the ribbon was supposed to be tinged with brown but I had no brown at the time. So I went out and got one of the ColorBox Petals (oh I love those!) from Michaels with a 40% off coupon.  I probably should fix that ribbon before putting his photo in it and then into a scrapbook huh?

Don't forget - in order to win all the projects on the blog this month, be sure to leave a comment!  Each comment you leave gives you one chance.  Leave comments on the blog and also if there is a coordinating video.

Hugs and Chirps!


May 25 Birthday Bash

Christie says...

This is a fun cartridge that offers a variety of party themed cuteness from animals, a banner, pinata and the project for today.  This is the Celebrate-O-dile.  A great idea for those treat bags and there's a million ways to personalize them from this cartridge. 
It's cute and versatile and I think a cartridge of necessity for anyone with children.  The only thing I can give a thumbs down on, as always, is the sizing for the project seems to be way off.  I don't know if it's me (I never have this problem when I'm creating from scratch) or the fact that I'm using a mini.  I try both real and relative sizes to no avail and so many of these binder projects just don't match up.  The only thing I changed from 
this project is the hat.  I couldn't see cutting one hat several times to get one circle so the colors in the hat is actually Stickles.  Also, I can't tie a bow NO MATTER what!  Here you go, enjoy!

Hugs and Chirps!


May 24, Best of Pixar

Who doesn't love Disney?  Christie finally found her way out from under a PILE of work & finals to send me two projects. Poor thing - I feel so bad for her. That life doesn't sound so fun afterall

Christie Says:

Any fan of Pixar films can't help but love this cartridge!  The characters are right on and vibrant, making them a great go to source for any card, layout or party decor.
This project is a frame, but not having one that fit the demensions, I chose to turn it in to a layout.  It was a great decision because again, the sizes didn't match up and it wouldn't fit properly.  As a layout, however, it is too freaking adorable.  I hope you like this as much as I do!

Hugs and Chirps!


May 23 - a very special day indeed!

Well, no project for today because it is a very special day in our house!  Today is my wonderful husbands birthday!  Yay!  I have to get my butt in the craft room and make him a card and then dinner with the kids tonite at Chevy's tex mex!

This is my wonderful husband Allen. He is very supportive, loving, caring and an awesome dad to our 3 goofball adult children.  He is truly my best friend and soul mate.

Last nite we met up with my childhood bestie Anna and her hubby Mike for Steamed Crabs.  Anna & Mike live in Hawaii and come 'home' once a year or so and we always do crabs.
This is a Maryland thang and lots of people just don't understand. It takes a LONG time to eat steamed crabs so normally it's a social thing. We used to have Crab Feasts in our back yards growing up, the dad's would go 'crabbin' in the morning and bring home a bushel of crabs to season and steam with beer and Old Bay and boy are they yummo!  My fantastic hubby will occasionally pick a crab but not often and he sits there patiently each time I pick through crab.  There is no taste like it for me and Marylander's put crab on everything! Toast, crabcakes, crab fluff, and lots more (I won't do my Forest Gump Shrimp Scene using crab, you are welcome)  SO yummy!  Or as Sophia Grace says "It's SO good" in her cute lil english accent (check it out on youtube just look for sophia grace and rosie)

Ok quick story about Anna.  She and I were 7 when we met and we are now 4(mumble mumble mumble) it is a friendship that has stood the test of time and lots of moving for both of us (me military wife, she government employee who transfers often) but we always manage to see each other as often as possible.  I started to look for a pic of us as kids but it became a chore looking thru my files.  I need to do some scanning for sure but here we are!  They head back to Hawaii the first of June and then are moving to Australia on June 15th. Oh how I will miss her :(

I am SO lucky to maintain my friendships.  I am still friends to this day with my middle school, high school, college and co-workers that I have bonded with.  Not acquaintances mind you, but people that are very important to me and always will be. So this is to you Anna, Debbie, Annette, Karen, Laura, Shannon & Ronnie. We may go years without seeing each other but we stay in touch and will always remain a part of one another lives cause we are FF's  (Forever Friends) I love each and every one of you so very much!

ok I'm pretty sure if you are still reading this, I bet you are sick in bed and have no choice.  I'm sorry for the ramblin on but today is a special day indeed and i just wanted to share it with YOU KRAZIES!

Hugs and Chirps!


May 22 Cricut Circle Out of Character Binder Project

Brand new Cricut Cartridge came today and I did the binder project for you!

Christie is very busy with term papers, tests, major double time at work, etc so she has her 3 projects done but can't get them to me - I'll work on more projects tomorrow but for now here is the brand new Cricut Circle Cartridge binder project.  Enjoy!

Hugs and Chirps!



Hey guys -

Just an update - will have 3 days worth of posts for you at some point tomorrow - haven't been able to get to the craft room.

Sorry for the delay :(

Hugs and Chirps!


May 19 Happy Saturday!

Hello my Krazies!

I will have a project or Pazzles project for you later this evening. It's been a trying Saturday for me but I'm starting to feel better. I struggle with Fibromyalgia and usually it doesn't trouble me like it is today. I am in pain all of the time but it's manageable 80% of the time or so.

Hubby went to Costco and picked up nice steaks for dinner and 3  pair of snuggly socks for me to cheer me up. WOW I love that man of mine.

After dinner I'm making my way back into the craft room so be sure to check back for a fun post.

In the meantime can you follow me on Pinterest?  Click here to follow my Pinterest boards and here are a few fun websites to check out.

1.  Create a fun stick family for your blog (see mine below)  and it's FREE.  Choose how many are in your family then click on each individual person and click 'next person' until you get to the stick person/animal you want. Only took me 20 min to figure it out so I thought I'd tell you how to do it and save you the angst. You are welcome!  So what are you waiting for?  Create your stick family here!

2.  I found a very cool blog the other day. This lady Margaret has some pretty darn awesome ideas for storage and organization.  Click here to see Margaret's genius tricks

3.  So there is this frugal lady - some of you have probably heard of her - I hadn't.  She makes a lot of her own supplies with amazing results.  My favorite so far?  Make your own bakers twine!  Yep - I tried it and it worked beautifully. 2.99 for a roll of #10 cotton crochet thread and my pro markers (or copics or bic or whatever) and I have twine in any color I want - best part? A roll of that crochet thread will last you a coons age!

After you check out those cool websites be sure to remember who sent ya and come back here!  (I have abandonment issues LOL)

Happy Crafting my Krazies!  In case I never told ya, I appreciate you all SO much!

Hugs and Chirps!


holy cow it's been a long day!

If you are interested - and I wouldn't blame you if you weren't...  Here is a video of the Pazzles cutting a cereal box.  It worked.  but the camera work is iffy cause I had to hold it.

I also tried to cut the box on super thick chipboard from Walmart. The chip board was TOO thick - so I went to cut it again using cardstock instead, but forgot to change the settings and was using a cricut mat instead of the pazzles - next thing ya know, it darn near cut thru the cricut mat!  Let this be a lesson kids, you must reset the settings to NOT cut thick stuff when you switch out to the thin stuff. YIPES!

Hugs and Chirps!


Ok I have spent HOURS and I do mean HOURS trying to do a teapot with Pazzles.

First the machine wouldn't work so I texted Christie and asked what to do - she had me reset everything and finally it cut. But it cut where it was supposed to score and after another hour of trying to figure it out - I officially give up.

So instead, I will sit here and peruse the pazzles website and try to figure stuff out while I consol myself with a Charleston Chew ad some diet coke.

Happy Crafting -see you tomorrow.

Hugs and Chirps!

May 18 distraction video

HEY LOOK!  There is something shiny over there -------------->

Here is a vid I did while distracting myself from the Pazzles - check it out...


and Chirps!

May 18 Oh are you in for a treat today my Krazies!


About a month ago I got a Pazzles.  Here is what it looks like in all it's glory.

I have been quite afraid of it and I'm not sure why.  I've cut a few things on my un-updated Expression using MTC or Scal but nothing fancy or wonderful or heck, even noteworthy. While I LOVE my Cricut and all it's cartridges I still want to be able to cut whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want. So.... today I'm going to be doing a project and posting it here (later this evening)

Pazzles has this great deal on their website.  You can order a pazzles for 600 smackers (like who has that kinda dough hanging around with nothing to spend it on?) or, you can pay 99 bucks and then 20 bucks a month for access to their website for 2 years.  The website has tons of tutorials, classes, many many many cut files (I'm talking a massive amount) forums, etc.  Here is the ultra cool thing that my gf Christie showed me on hers - when you cut something that has score marks - the Pazzles scores it for you automatically!!!! OMG, no blade changes, lining up, blah blah - just put the box (example) you are cutting on your virtual mat (comes with software but you can also use Scal and MTC) when you cut the box the pazzles cuts it AND scores it at the same time OMG OMG OMG how freaking awesome is that?  I'm the type that is score challenged.  Even using Martha Stewarts score board I'll skip 2 lines - I really am a goober. Y'all have NO idea.

So ok - check it out and let me know what you think - also, if you are already a Pazzles user, tell me about it, show me stuff you made or better yet - come over and show me what to do!


Hugs and Chirps!


May 17th Post Beyond Birthdays Binder Project

Here ya go ladies and gents - straight from Christie Anderson to my mailbox, to you.  Sorry for it being late - it's all her fault! :)

Christie says: We didn't have the Cricut paper to match this project so I had some paper that we felt would be sufficient.  The "candle tops" were colored in and Perfect Pearls was used for the "fire" and colored with yellow marker once it dried.  Easy peasy peanut butter pie!  The only complaint I have is that the sizing was off, but I've experienced that often.

I think this is super cute!  Christie does some awesome work,
she is very meticulous and careful unlike me. I like to just slop crap together as evidenced in my projects.  I started tagging Christies projects today so you can see which ones are hers.  I know I joke a lot about her but she is a dear sweet friend who has a lot going on in her life right now.  I have the benefit of being home looking for jobs all day and some time to squeeze in a project or three - she does hers at 1am when her boys (husband and son) are asleep and her world is quiet.  I do appreciate her ever so much!

See you tomorrow with another project. Please remember - the more comments you leave on all the projects for May - the more chances you have to win every single binder project we showcase this month!

Happy Crafting my Krazies!

Hugs and Chirps!


May 16 Special Project!

Hey Krazies - boy do I have a treat for you today!  I made wine glass candle's!  They are so easy it's scary!

The first one was actually step by step instructions from a Stamp of the Month Club I belong to. The rest are all my own.  Just imagine what you can do with these!  Themes to match rooms, nursery, kitchen, etc.

First I traced the template onto Vellum  You can use this once on 8.5 x 11, or twice on 12x12.  I then stamped the leaves randomly on the vellum and let it dry. Then I masked (first time ever masking yay me!) the lil thingies all over.  Then I made the band around the middle with coordinating paper.  Tied a ribbon around, made the tiny bow with a fork (if you don't know this trick, just google bow with fork) super easy stuff.  Oh and when I tied the ribbon around the shade I actually slipped that "Faith" charm through it.  I then put a battery operated tea light (8 dollars at Michaels for a dozen of them using coupon) and it was done.

After that I looked all through my papers for any fun vellum paper I had on hand and found quite a bit (surprise surprise) so I made these a little while ago.

you can embellish these with anything at all.  One lamp you don't see is a butterfly lamp that I actually punched tiny holes in each of the scallops and it turned out super cute. But one of my kids fell in love and had to have it so that's gone LOL.  These will cost about 2 dollars each (maybe less) if you pick up the wine glasses at the dollar store.  Use a coupon on the tea lights and you probably have vellum on hand.

Click on this photo <<----- until it you have it larger. Then right click and save it.  Print it out (use cardstock if you can) and this will be your template.  You can then put a sheet of vellum right over top and trace it.  Be sure if you have pattern vellum that you trace in pencil and on the BACK side.  Carefully cut it out.  I used my glue gun to go down the 3.5 inch side and overlapped the other side to it.  There you have it - a lamp shade!  Decorate however you want and put the lite inside and you are done.  I highly recommend you use the battery operated lamps - NOT real candles as the lampshade is higher than the wine glass (you can see it in the yellow one above)

When you are done - PLEASE send me a photo - I'd love to see your creations!

Enjoy your day!

Hugs and Chirps!


May 15 Calligraphy Binder Project

We are at the halfway mark - I hope you guys are enjoying the activity here at Kricut Krazy!

Today we have the Calligraphy Cartridge and the oh so easy project in the binder.  The only complication I had was the letters are very thin and you have to be careful glueing and laying them down.  This was just three cuts. The frame, the phrase "You're the best" and the leaves.  Super easy, super quick.

Just want to remind everyone that all the projects you see this month will be up for grabs on June 1st.  To qualify all you have to do is simply leave a comment on each of the projects (posts) this month.  If this is the first post you've seen, no problem - just go back to the start of the month (Use  archive drop down on left and choose May) and check out the previous posts. Leave a comment and there you have it! ONE chance at winning the entire 31 items.  The more comments you leave, the more chances you have.  (1 comment per post) You can double your chances by leaving comments on the corresponding video's. (about half the posts have videos)  Just check them out on You Tube  (click on the link and you will be at my channel)

Finally - if you have any questions or private comments or just want to say hi - you can now reach me here.

Tomorrow I have a special treat for you so be sure to come back!

Hugs and Chirps!


May 14 Cars Binder Project

WOW what a pain in the rear this binder project was - but it did turn out super cute if I do say so myself.  First off, I am SO tired of the Cricut Binder Projects involving frames!  I'm only up to "C" and I've had to do so many frames!.  This called for an 11x17 frame which I was not going to purchase - so I did the next best thing. I took my College Degree out of the frame and used that.  Just kiddin HA!  I cut a frame from foam board and then followed all of the instructions in the binder.
First I thought I'd use markers instead of paint. Yeah... dumb idea.  Live and learn.  Second I started painting (yes, as a matter of fact I was covered in it)  I painted the 'sky', then the 'road'  Yes I'm crooked on the grass part...... I'm crooked in the head too.   I then used a white gel pen to make the highway markings. That process took 2 days (the paint, not the gel pen)
First photo is all the gamillion cuts I had to make.  WOW.  That was a fun little treat, me with glue everywhere and 10000000 tiny pieces.  I had to keep referring to the binder photo to try and figure out where all the little pieces were to be glued.  Finally I just figured it out by looking at the front of the binder at the bigger photo.  My eyes are much too old to be looking at that tiny print!

Remember - leave comments so you can win stuffs!  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Monday!

Hugs and Chirps!


May 13 Mothers Day! Cuttle Bug Storage

Happy Mothers day to all of you beautiful women!

I have had quite a few comments about this awesome storage for my cuttlebug folders so I figured I'd tell you how I did it.  All of my small folders and dies are actually hanging up on my Poor Girls Clip It Up system (I'll showcase that in another post)  but of course I can't clip up the 4x6's and 5x7's so I tried a few different ways of storing them.  I finally arrived at the one that worked for me.

In the wood section at Michaels (and Joanns) they have unfinished CD crates.  They are 4.99 (use a coupon to make it even cheaper) and I picked one up with plans to make it all purty and store my folders.  I worked on this a few weeks ago when Christy was taking a coons age to finish ONE project and I had already done all of mine.  She kept interrupting me and telling me what I should and shouldn't do with the polka dots and blah blah - I finally threw something at her and told her to mind her own bees wax. Sheesh

So I picked up 2 bottles of paint for a buck or so and set about painting the sides green and the front and back pink.    After that dried I modge podged the circles all over.  Next day I cut card stock a smidge larger than 5x7 and made folders.  there ya have it.  Believe it or not there are about 25 folders in that box and room for tons more!

If you decide you want to try this method - have fun painting and making it your own - then please send me a photo as I'd love to see what you came up with.

Sorry, I have no idea why on earth I can't align that first paragraph - it won't budge from the center.

Have a fabulous day ladies (and gents) See you tomorrow :)

Hugs and Chirps!


May 12 B is for Boy project

Here we have another project from Christie - isn't she awesome?  She did a cute little card from the B is for Boy Cricut Lite cartridge which you know does not have a binder, nor a project.  She said she had the robot paper and she knew what she was going to do immediately.  I haven't seen Chris for a few days as she is finishing up her school year and had finals and such. She works full time, has a son and husband, is involved with a few things and crafts her butt off while going to school at nite and on weekends.  I don't know how you people that have full time jobs keep up with normal life but to add school and crafting to it - WOWSER.

This is a super cute card and would be great for a young boys birthday.

Please remember you must leave comments to get a chance to win 31 projects at the end of the month.  You get 1 chance for every comment made on the posts and on any corresponding video's on you tube. So, if you leave a comment on every post in May, that's 31 chances at winning the 31 COMPLETED projects. if you add comments on individual May Videos - there are even more chances.  Also pay attention in videos as I will sneak in extra chances now and then for you to get closer to that prize :)

See you tomorrow - and thank you for being a Krazie!

Hugs and Chirps!


PinkE's first ever Blog Hop!

We interrupt the regular scheduled May Post to bring you something SUPER exciting!  PinkE's very first Blog Hop!  How exciting is this!?  There are some AWESOME folks in this hop and I'm honored to be here with them!  You don't want to miss a single blog today because we have Mothers Day Projects for all those Mom's (or Mom like women) in your life!

For those of you NEW to Kricut Krazy - we are having a Month Long contest - the more comments you leave on ANY project during the Month of May the more chances you have to win at least 31 yes THIRTY ONE prizes!   At the end of the month we will choose a winner randomly to win every single project done this month - there are tons of frames and cool things as well as cards and layouts!  Please be sure to FOLLOW this blog and leave a comment on every post (comments left on You Tube videos for corresponding projects will also be counted)

Now back to the hop!

 If you have come here from Creations by Rosie, then you are in the right place!! If not, why not start from the beginning at Pink E’s blog!! 

Line Up

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YOU ARE HERE Tangee: Kricut Krazy @ http://www.kricutkrazy.com/
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Jenny: Crazy About Cricut @ http://www.crazyaboutcricut.blogspot.com/
Melody:  Melody Lane Designs @ http://www.melodylanedesigns.blogspot.com/

I have TWO items for you today!  First is this cute frame for my mom (the one in the center) with her great grandson Jaxon.  The frame was 1.00 at Michaels and I used paper from the DCWV Boys Nursery paper stack.  A few gems and bows and Jaxon's name with wooden letters and INSTANT gift that Mom adored!  (My sister is on mom's left and my beautiful niece and first time mom Lauren is on mom's right.  Lauren and her husband are very proud parents and Jaxon is just the cutest lil guy!

Ok so - here is my first ever all by myself, didn't use a recipe and it's not from a Cricut Cartridge Project. EEK!   I want HONEST feedback my Krazies - we learn from others so PLEASE be honest.

I used the Pemberly kit from Close to My Heart.  This is a super cute kit and coordinates with the most awesome cartridge EVER.  Art Philosophy. If you don't have it - get it. You won't regret it.  The background card stock is a blue I'm starting to fall in love with.  The flower in the center is actually cut from a piece of cardstock in the kit that was full of flowers. I edged it with blue ink.  There is a solid blue shadow and then the 3 pieces of cream that were run thru the cuttlebug and taped down.  The blue squares are metal and were with the kit. The butterflies I inked the edges, they are wooden and also in the kit. I put pearls on the wings and colored them blue to match.  The shoelace type material down the center was also in the kit.

The inside of the card is actually my favorite. The words and butterflies are from the Pemberly stamp set, however the "Happy Mothers Day" is from Joy's Life and the little trails after the butterflies are from Bzz a stamp set from CTMH.

Ok there you have it - my 2 projects.  Both created from my head - first time ever. I've always copied stuff - so bring on the comments - would love to hear your thoughts. Remember, to qualify for the contest to win 31+ projects you must be a member of the blog and leave comments.

Enjoy the hop and Happy Mothers Day!

Hugs and Chirps!


May 10. Batman binder project

Cute utility belt from the Barman Binder. These would be cute napkin rings at a themed bday party do ya think?


May 9, April Showers Binder Project

April Showers - what a super cute cartridge! This is an 8x10 canvas frame painted blue.  The tree and squirrel are made out of suede paper and the cloud, grass and squirrel have stickles.  The grass is from another cartridge but I'll be darned if I can remember which one.... EEEK!  April Showers is a limited/seasonal cartridge so it did not have a binder project - Christie came up with this lil gem. I hesitate to tell you that cause you'll think she did it all and well....... that's not true! Go look at my basketball cuts! LOL.


May 8 Accent Essentials Binder Project

Hello! Here we have the dreaded Accent Essentials Bonder Project. This my krazies was a doozie! The materials needed that I did not have on hand were: 9.25 x 11.25 wooden frame, acrylic paint, white and red and walnut gel stain. So I did what I had to do. I pawned this project on Christie! (evil grin). The only thing I can tell you about it is that it wasn't easy. I even heard her cussing a little bit. But it did turn out nice!

I'll video tape it at a later time when she is here to comment. Right now I want to get it posted before May 7 is over!

Hugs N Chirps!


Lil Extra Organizing Post

Hey Krazies -

So, I got that funky spinner thing from Michaels for 50% off then 25% off figuring I could use it cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Poor Girls Clip It Up.  I totally should do a post on that ya think?  Anyway - this one from Michaels after discounts was like 11 bucks or something and it's designed to go in the jet max spinner thingy that holds tools.  (I'm glad I'm so technical) 

But - I didn't like it. what ya gonna hang on there with a whopping 3" clearance?  So I put it on the side figuring I'd find someone that wanted it. 

I have 3 drawers or ribbons - 2 are full of ribbons on spools and the 3rd has ribbon I've gotten at crops, parts of ribbon, you know - that kinda stuff. So yesterday I had put them on ribbon plastic things and threw them back in the drawer. Last nite I thought "hmmmm wonder if it would look on on that spinner thinger?"

And I started putting them on there.

Now I need more clips cause I'm totally out  -

This is not ALL of my ribbon - it's spare ribbon or ribbon in tiny packages. But it works..... for now.

What ya think?

Also I had the great idea to put cork on the sides of my spinner thingy - yeah - dumb idea. Cork too thin for any pin they sell on the planet - AND does not stick well. So now it's just blank.

Hugs and Chirps!

May 7 French Manor

bon jour krazies -

So, as I told ya yesterday, my girls are in their first apartment together (not first for either of them, but first together) and have a Paris theme so Christie made them the canvas to hang up and using my French Manor Cricut Circle Cartridge, I made them this:

 6x6 ceramic tile from Home Depot, I think it was 80 cents.  I used gold vinyl and cut the beautiful image from French Manor at 5 1/2.  Super easy, Super Fast. Super cute.

Guess what I just figured out? I have been taking photos with my iPhone and then emailing them to myself, then dl them to my computer, then uploading them here - what a pain right? OMG I discovered I can add photos from my iPhone right here from blogger!!!!!! Did you guys know this already? Why didn't anyone tell me? Good Grief I'm slow.

 See ya tomorrow lovebugs!

Hugs and Chirps!


May 6 Destinations

Yep - we skipped a few HA!

Christie wanted to do a little something for my girls new apartment.  So she made this fun lil number:

 So my girls are 20 and 22 years old (for a few more months anyway) and have chosen a Paris theme for their kitchen & dining room.  Christie decided she wanted to make something for them so she made this 81/2 x 11 canvas.  She painted it pink and then cut out the tower on shiny black card stock and glued that down.  She made the purple/white one for the prize bot (May's project box someone will win)

I sit here and pound out projects - she paints. She had 4 projects she was in charge of a week ago and she finished THIS one that she started last nite.  She does have a super cute frame from accent essentials, a batman project and April Showers.  Hopeful she turns them in before Christmas (insert dramatic eye roll here)

Ok so there you have it - 6th day of May, 6th project of the month!  You can win them all!

Also - just a side note - we're having a big ole blog hop starting Friday WOOT! With a bunch of talented ladies, awesome projects and great blog candy!  Be sure to come back for more information!
Hugs and Chirps!

May 5 Basketball Cartridge

Hola & Feliz Cinco de Mayo compadre's!

Yes, I know I'm a day behind but guess what? Tomorrow I won't be WOOT!

So - here are some cuts from a seasonal/limited/small whatever cartridge Basketball.  You may want to cut the players bigger than normal because they contain some teeny pieces.  Incidentally - Billionaire (from this morning) and Basketball are NOT layouts - they are simple cuts for you to see what the cartridge can do.  For the cartridges I'm clueless to figure out what to do with I just do a few cuts so you can see what it's all about.  I've had a couple of 'nice layout' comments which took me by surprise cause if this is a layout, it's pretty blah dontcha think? Anyway - this would be cute for any sports layouts, maybe a congrats card or a bday card.

Please remember - the more you post the more chances you have of winning all 31 projects for May. You must post on each project once and only once. However, you can also post on the corresponding youtube video for an extra chance.  Please keep in mind not every project has a video.

See you later this evening with May 6 and then tomorrow with May 7

Hugs and Chirps!

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