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Merry Christmas & New Year Resolutions oh yeah, and nieces baby shower invites

Merry Christmas!  I do hope that you were surrounded by loved ones and counted your blessings.

Before I tell you my Crafty Resolutions I wanted to share some photos of my wonderful niece's baby shower invites and a few decorations.

 Oh what a joy it was piecing together over 60 of these!  My sister and I worked on them ALL day and we are very pleased with how they turned out. 
 Sisters idea to knot the twine and put it at the top to look like a vine.  we used stock stickers for the inside monkey due to time constraints.
 This is the back of the Diaper Cake my sister made. She did an outstanding job - I'm so proud of her!
 The front of the awesome cake.  My sister is very much like Martha Stuart in the sense that she can sew anything, decorate like you would not believe (her home is like a showcase) and she is probably the best cook I know.  She is not crafty in this sense - she claims I got those genes but she proves herself wrong with this diaper cake.  I wish I would have take…

Altered Notebook for 5 year old girl

A friend of mine has a 5 year old daughter and they are traveling out of state for Christmas.  I thought I'd make her a notebook, some paper dolls and a few other things to play with on the trip. Well the paper doll didn't turn out so great, but the notebook is wonderful.

 Front of notebook before I put her name on it. Paper is from the Girly Girl DCWV stack.

 I used a pink ribbon and hung a charm on it using a purple heart shapped brad. I then flipped the ribbon over the brad and glued it so little fingers wouldn't get scratched with the brad.
 A view of the book after I put her name on it using Printable Vinyl and the Doodlebugs cartridge on the Imagine.

Snowman Soup, Snowman Poop & Some other goodies!

Hello my Krazies!

Happy 1st day of Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa & Merry Christmas my friends!  Wanted to share some goodies with you!

Here are some of my sour cream containers - super super easy to make and fun too!  Made loads to give out to family, friends, etc.  Used Christmas Combo Paper stack from DCWV (paper not card stock) my wavy crimper, my atg gun and cute lil tags I cut and print on my Imagine using the All Wrapped up Imagine cart.  Put them on with a teeny brad and waaala!  There you have it.
Snowman poop anyone?  I made a few cones and a few bags.  These are for folks on the naughty list. I used the Snowman stamp set from Jaded Blossom.Snowman Soup - this was FUN!

ok formatting is becoming a pain in the butt. It doesn't want to type where I want it to type. Stupid blogger.  Anyway - Snowman kisses, snowman poop -  and I also have tubes of m&m's but don't know what to do with those yet.
  Happy Holidays! 

Hugs & Chirps!

Craft Room Makeover & Special Request

Hello my Krazies!

I have a few projects I'd like to share but video taping them is becoming a pain in the butt. I do not like that little flip cam - I do much better with my phone cam.  At any rate I wanted to wish you a joyous, love filled, blessed holiday season!  Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!  Happy Kwanzaa!  Whatever you celebrate I hope it is everything you want it to be :)

So I went to Michaels on Thanksgiving and bought a bunch of the jetmax cubes - then I spent 3 days in my craft room redoing it - again. I know, I know... it's an illness. But I thought you would enjoy a tour so here it is!

Can you help a fellow crafter?

Hubby is a restoration tech - the company he works for handles Floods, Fire, Mold, structural damage, etc. He comes home from time to time and tells me about this job or that job.  He came home a few days ago telling me that he has a very tough job that is troubling him.

Last weekend, a family in Crofton Maryland named Neale (only info I can release) …

Jaded Blossom

Two of my FAVORITE crafters - Michelle & Candace have teamed up and created a new company that you simply MUST see!

Please run over and check it out, follow there blog and tell them I sent ya (well only if you wanna)

Let me know what you think.  BTW I should have a post or two ready for you in the next few days. WOOT!

Hugs & Chirps!