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We lost our beautiful Deb today.

At 9:07am today October 30, 2010  we lost a much loved member of our family.  My brother is much to young to have lost his wife and mother of his child.

I am dedicating the following song to Deb Bowden may she rest in Peace.  I'm sure my dad and sister were there to greet her.

We love you so much Deb!

Deb last spring with her twins Sarah & Katie
My brother (left) Deb and their son Rob taken just a month or two ago.

My rant about


I'll have a video for you tomorrow - I wanted to have it for you tonite but got tied up.  I'm going to show you how to decorate glass and plastic bulbs with fine glitter and el cheapo Hair Spray - fast and fun!

In the meantime let me complain about ebates. As you guys are aware I usually try to get my friends to sign up and often tell you about deals I get with them and how they put cash in my paypal account every coupla months.

Well, Last year I spent a bunch with and never got my credit for it - they said it was because I used a coupon code and saved money so I disqualified myself from the rebate.  Ok so moving right along I spend 163 bucks at and was supposed to get a 12% rebate from them but because I used a 5 dollar off coupon code I don't get the 20.00 rebate.  Needless to say I'm pissed.  So I wrote them and told them so and someone named "Caleb" probably not his real name told me that they never o…

hello my krazies!

Well heck - my two days off have FLOWN by.  I was able to play a little but no video or photos.I'm hoping to get something posted in a day or two. Yesterday I was lazy the first half of the day, the 2nd half I was fighting a migraine.  I get them VERY rarely and when I do I can't look at a monitor, tv screen or be in any light - it's brutal.  Today mom had a rough day so I was tending to her most of the day and then when she was feeling better I ran out to Costco.  Now I have to throw dinner together and hoping to play a lil after dinner when mom's night attendant arrives at 7.

I feel like I keep giving you guys excuses - I'm sorry.  I'll try to do better.

NEW SPONSOR - Today in the mail I got 3 cri-kit pen sets to play with and the makers of cri-kit are giving me a few to give away YAAAY!  Even better, they will ship to the winner so you don't have to wait a coons age to get your prize WOOT!

Two lil tidbits for you.   Black Friday - Walmart is going to hav…


Hello my Krazies!

After careful consideration I have decided that Kricut Krazy will be a twice a week blog.  Anything else will be considered a bonus :)  So basically I'm pledging to post something fun, informative, creative or noteworthy.  I know I went back to work to support my Cricut Habit, but I have a hard time finding time to play :(  I miss you guys and I miss playing with my stuffs!  I think I need to take a vacation just so I can play non stop!

So my regular days off at the Hotel are Sunday's and Mondays - expect to see posts on those days.

You didn't think I was gonna walk away forever didja?  Ohhhh noooo!

Happy Saturday!

Holiday shopping tip!

This evening I went to Kohls online and needed to shop for a winter coat - the next thing you knew I had over 200 bucks in Christmas gifts in my bag.  Well check this out.

Used code: Extra20  for 20% off my order
Used code: Seven5 for FREE shipping

and saved 45 bucks
But wait there's more!

Go sign up for ebates!  I get 4% cash back from them on top of my deals.  I will do this all season long and if you are an online shopper you MUST go to ebates first to see if the place you are shopping from has cash rebates - you can also fine coupon codes there to save even more. It's a win win people!  I LOVE saving money!

Go here to sign up:  Click here to sign up - doesn't cost a dime!

Here is a cut and paste of my account:

My EbatesAccount SummaryMember:Tangee Member Since:2008 Cash Paid:$97.58Cash Pending:$64.97Total Cash Back:$162.55Next Cash Back:November 15, 2010 Cash Back Via:PayPal Seriously - who doesn't LOVE saving the big bugs? And now with Christmas almost here I will …

Video timmmmmmmmme!

Ok Krazies so I have been organizing, straightening, moving, putting back, and organizing some more. Before I knew it most of my day was GONE. But the good news is every stitch of clothing in this house is washed, dried, folded and or hung and put away WOOT!  Oh and I'm ready for some craftin fun!

I need to do some decor for a baby shower so any tips, hints or gypsy files would be MOST appareciated!

This video shows you a few goodies, tells you a secret or two and has me in the middle of a coughing fit at the end (cold and flu dontcha know) so excuse me for that.

Off to watch Toy Story 3 with mom (Sunday evenings are our movie nites) and then to do some crafty stuffs. You'll see loads of stuff later tonite and or tomorrow :)

Hugs and Chirps!

Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!!!!!!

It's here!  Yaay - so lemme tell you what's happening with Kricut Krarazy :)

First - Dana my Create a Critter has a package going out with her cartridge and some extras for her patience.
2nd - Dawn has a package going out with her Halloween Carts she loaned me (and an extra or two)
3rd. - Shirley "Okie Ladybug" has a lil envy of fun headed her way.

Yes between those 3 packages and cleaning/organizing my craft room and searching for my video camera frantically (which was in the camera bag of all places JEEZE) I am now finally ready to play play play!

Went to Tuesday Morning yesterday after work and picked up bunches of paper and a few small things - nothing worth video taping but go there when you have a chance as they have new MM papers in stock.

Need to video a care package sent to me from Rexann with some great cards she made.

Need to work on Christmas Projects - enough to have an upload for ever day or every other until next week when I'm off today.
Need to an…

Shhh.... It's a big secret!

I heard on the streets that Kricut Krazy is returning on Sunday.  Rumor has it that she has new videos (showing off her projects, shopping scores and a ring she received as an Anniversary Gift) new projects and a new contest.  She's feeling guilty for being gone for a month and is planning a huge return.  Spread the word!  She's also planning something HUGE when she reaches 500 followers.  Did I say huge? I meant GINORMOUS!  Need a hint?  It says 'Cricut" and you must plug it in to use it.  That's all you get.

A lill preview contest is happening right now for blog candy - a surprise pack of goodies.  Just leave your comment here and winner will be announced Sunday.

Good Luck!